Future jewelry box

If there's one thing I love about browsing around stores, it's their jewelry section. Accessories were my guilty pleasure before exploring the world of clothes shopping and I feel like every single piece carries a slightly different energy with them. I'm not really a spiritual person, but with jewelry I do believe that when you're wearing a metal which has belonged to someone else, or simply has some meaning to you, it radiates something - whether positive or negative. I've had some special pieces, which I've worn years in a row and then temporarily exchanged them for something else. Now my sister is wearing a ring that I wore for years and which belonged to my grandmother. 

Wardrobe full of memories

How many times have I browsed through my closet and recalled the memories which stay with a piece of clothing? I'm looking into my drawer right now and I can already see so many good (and bad) days laid in front of me. On the left, there's a stretched out T-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it. This found its way to me through my boyfriend, who sent it to Paris with a friend, while I was working there. He knew I missed him and that I loved wearing his shirts, so when he couldn't come there himself, he sent the next best thing. It really made the months apart not so tough.