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Office chic

Office chic

Recently I have fallen in love with pastels again, especially a bit dustier shade of pink. Shocker, right? So when I strolled past a pretty door which was like a magnet to my aesthetics, I knew I had to take my first blog photos there.

Working in a professional setting gives you certain limitations regarding your wardrobe choices, but I think you could definitely get away with this outfit - just change the heels for flats, throw on a blazer and you're done. It's a really easy way to go have drinks after work, not making it really obvious that you haven't had the time to go change at home. Plus, the bralette showing from under the top adds a little sexy to it as well.

I adore the material of these slacks I picked up from Zara. Usually I wear them with simple oxfords or ballet flats. Speaking of oxfords... I moved to the UK just two weeks ago and I hope to work in central London soon! I plan to capture my favorite outfits, spots, events and stuff which capture my eye - a mixture of everything really.

Earrings: H&M

Lips: MAC Please Me

Slacks: Zara

Shoes: Forever 21

Photography: Oliver Tomson

Kaleidoscopic prints

Kaleidoscopic prints