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Rose river

Rose river

Yes, guys! Snow White is giving you the cold shoulder again. But the shivering paid off, I think. So, I present to you a date night look, which I'm obsessed with. Red lip, little black dress, low heel and confidence to look like Little My from the Moomins.

For me, this wouldn't be something I'd wear on a first date though. I am a bit on the shy side and I'd like to look like my everyday self, just a little more accentuated. But for any other occasion, I'd definitely go for the bold lip and fishnets. I kid you not, red lips can make you feel like the freaking powerful war princess Xena you really are.

One of the best dates I've ever had was when the Boyfriend and I went to play lazer tag with a bunch of random kids who took us in their team. Afterwards we had some chinese in a restaurant and chatted for hours which seemed to fly by in mere seconds and later we walked through an amazing snowfall which I miss dearly since it doesn't snow in Canterbury. I love that when you are enjoying yourself, the time passes so unexpectedly fast. It really shows that you lose yourself in the conversation and anything else doesn't matter for a while. 

But let's talk about this outfit a little more. The rock star is a sheer off the shoulder dress from New Look. I really like the red rosy embellishments, which are extremely beautifully presented on the pitch black fabric. I've never enjoyed to do handicraft myself but I highly appreciate the art of detailing. I used to watch Gossip Girl in high school and I still remember a thing Blair Waldorf said about fashion: "Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one". So every time someone gives you crap for loving to play dress-up and to style outfits, remember this.



Dress: New Look

Septum ring: Primark

Lips: BYS Crimson Joy

Nails: H&M Red Nail

Rings: Mango

Fishnets: H&M

Boots: from a little Chinese store in Paris

Photography: Oliver Tomson


Winter beauty favorites

Winter beauty favorites

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