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Being back in wonderland

Being back in wonderland

As most of you know, I have been back in Estonia for two whole months already and I thought that I'd talk a bit about what I've been up to and how things are going. To be completely honest, I never thought that I would live in Tartu again after getting my university diploma, but life has its funny ways of turning out the opposite of what you have planned. I know that I will live somewhere new and far far away in the future for some time, but for now, I am happily here :)

I have been so excited for the last couple of weeks, because I have a new and challenging job on a field of work that I actually want to be great at! I deal with international marketing and I feel like getting the job in the first place was a major step in my career.  Now I will just have to prove myself to the people around me, but also definitely to myself.

Thinking back, I would say that I probably would have never been in the position that I am now without having lived in England this past year or without my work experience there. I feel like so many young people who have graduated, want to have time to breathe between getting their diploma and jumping straight onto the career ladder. I was one of them and I didn't even properly realize that the experiences and a sense of adventure would have a huge benefit when coming back.

Other than that, I have been enjoying the breathtaking beauty of golden Autumn, as you can see from the stunning background of the pictures. I am always surprised of how good I feel about the pictures that Oliver takes of me, because as I'm not a super confident person (yet), I don't see myself in a majorly positive light all of the time. And that's pretty awesome if someone can make you feel great about yourself.

I think I have fallen in love with Tartu again. I thought it would be hard to come back and start from zero again, but I'm so glad that I was wrong!


I am loving the combo of a cozy knit and a flowy silk dress. The sweater is from Mango and I have been wearing it nonstop during the last month. It's the perfect Autumn knit in Estonian climate - not too thick, but still keeps you warm and isn't itchy. I have been super into Mango recently, I feel like they have upped their game more and more during the years and I sometimes even prefer it to Zara, which is saying a lot for me! Also, I'm feeling the red lip vibe again. I haven't been wanting to wear makeup at all since September, but I'm getting into it again. I especially like dark vampy lipsticks with casual outfits.

Sweater: Mango

Bag: Mango

Dress: New Look

Rings: Topshop

Nails: H&M in The One

Lips: Rimmel in Kate Moss 107

Photography: Oliver Tomson - photos taken in Toomemägi

2017 faves

2017 faves

Living the adventure

Living the adventure