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Last Sunday evening I was thinking about how good I've been feeling lately and how these warm emotions have been accompanying me like a loyal cocker spaniel puppy for two months already. To make it even more picturesque, while I was contemplating over this obnoxious loveliness, I was laying down under our lit up Christmas tree with "La La Land's" soundtrack humming into my ears and balancing a cup of hot chocolate on my stomach.

These last months could easily have lasted for a whole year in my eyes, since everything has been so new and there has simply been so much to do (in the best possible way). One of these exciting things was the fact that I got to travel to two countries I'd never visited before: Turkey and India. Even though these were work trips and the schedules were hectic, it was absolutely magical to get to experience such different cultures, people, food, and the way of doing things. Stunning architecture, delayed flights, both great food and great stomach aches, warm welcomes, lovely new travel companions, overwhelming fear of failure, joy of feeling like a stone cold business lady, and finally, a sense that in over a year, I was at last doing something that I love!

Being completely focused on work and having a blast doing so, I might have forgotten to have a bit of fun with playing dress-up. So as I was there, laying under a Christmas tree, daydreaming as you do, I also suddenly got a not-so-fuzzy feeling that I would like to feel like a badass WOMAN for a change! To slip into a too tight and definitely too short skirt, to do my hair and to wiggle my toes into the highest heels I currently own. "Could you please zip me up," I was whispering as I was doing my liner and thinking about whether sparkling fishnet tights are too much. They were not, I decided.


Curler: Babyliss

Necklace: Missoma

Skirt: Monki

Boots: Bruno Premi

Tights: Zara

Nails: H&M

Top: Vintage

Photography: Oliver Tomson


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Café date

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2017 bucket list