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2017 faves

2017 faves

As I was looking through my drawers and closet for things that I have loved and used the most this year, I surprised myself when I was suddenly looking at a pile of pastel colored favorites on my bed. 

1. A wonderfully pink statement bag from Zara. Now, this I got towards the end of the year and I actually haven't worn it a lot as it has been snowing or raining and I couldn't bare myself to have the suede cover damaged. However, I think that this is definitely my absolute number one item that I got this year and I can't wait to make more use of it during Spring and Summer.

2. This denim skirt from Zara that I wore in this summery blog post has made me feel like I was 16 again and going to my first rock concert. I wore it pretty much every other day during this Summer.

Photo 17-12-2017, 11 50 02.jpg

3. Beautiful memories captured by Hanna Odras on a perfect Summer day. I loved that we had the shoot at some of the places which were very important for us and that the experience was absolutely fun. Don't be scared that having such personal pictures taken is going to be awkward! I mean, it might be (just a little bit) in the beginning, but once a few minutes of silly laughter and pulling faces has passed, posing together becomes natural.

4. Missoma Mini Fang necklace. I had been pining after this stunning piece of jewelry since it originally came out, so it's definitely been over a year of waiting. I finally decided to give it to myself as a present for getting my first salary from my new job! Couldn't be happier with the decision, because it's so versatile - you can wear it as an everyday piece or when you're going out, have it as a statement whilst wearing a top that bares your shoulders.

Photo 17-12-2017, 11 52 19.jpg

5. Let's talk about some beauty faves now. Firstly, I just have to mention the most amazing product that made way into my skincare routine. The Ordinary hydrating serum. I have very sensitive skin and sometimes I'm having quite a trouble of taking proper care of it, but this serum has been a life saver. Since I started using it under my daily moisturizer, I've never had any problems with dry patches or applying foundation. Plus, it's super affordable - only around 8 euros.

6. A great face wash for me has been the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash. It smells so nice and fresh and it's left my skin feeling as soft as a baby's butt.

7. I've also added a face mist into my makeup routine. I've really loved the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. During Winter, I have kept it in my handbag or in a drawer at my office so that when I feel that my face is quite dry or that I need just a bit of refreshing, I spray it all over my face and neck. It. Feels. Freaking. Amazing.

Photo 17-12-2017, 11 51 41.jpg

8. My favorite scent has been of a candle, not a perfume. I got this Candlefish one from Anthropologie in the UK and I have been burning it constantly. Somehow, it still hasn't ran out and that is why I think the price is absolutely worth it. I'm a person who burns a lot of candles and I must say that this is without doubt the nicest smelling and most long lasting candle I have ever bought.

Photo 17-12-2017, 11 53 23.jpg

9. A rediscovery that I made, was the Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair shampoo. I remember using it a few years ago and that I really liked it. Now, I've been having problems with my hair because I'd been using a shampoo that simply didn't suit my hair type. It was making it frizzy, full of static electricity and my hair didn't feel clean nor silky. This shampoo, however, was a total life saver! 100% would recommend to anyone with very long and thick hair.

Photo 17-12-2017, 11 54 09.jpg

10. My absolute favorite makeup item has been something interestingly modest and girly. It's the Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor Lipstick in the shade 700 Sand. The name of this product is definitely too long, but man, it's so worth it. The feel is super smooth and silky and for a glossy color, it stays on very well. Also, it smells so heavenly that you might want to eat this vanilla goodness straight out of the tube.

Photo 17-12-2017, 11 54 45.jpg

11. And finally, what would life even be without a cozy snuggly sweater that makes you want to take a nap under the Christmas tree? Have a look at the blog post where I was pairing it with a silky dress.

Photo 17-12-2017, 11 56 10.jpg
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