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Pink on the beach

Pink on the beach

These pictures were taken in Broadstairs, on our way to Margate. I love Brits for their impeccable taste for cutesy things like these beach huts. People who own the little huts seemingly have their whole lives fitted into them and decorated with tons of details and they always have a place to go during summer. We explored around the coastline after coming back to our UK home and made a decision to do so as much as possible before summer ends. 

Being home in Estonia for almost a month was great. It was the first time ever when I had made so many plans in such a short amount of time for an Estonian summer and I have to say that I loved it. My time was spent with family and friends and I know that this sounds extra cheesy, but it was almost as if I could touch the air because it was packed with love.

The vacation started with an unforgettable event - going to see Guns N' Roses in Finland and camping by a gorgeous lake after that. If you've ever been to a concert of one of your favorite bands, you definitely understand the feeling when you hear that one song you've dreamed of hearing live and when chills start running down your spine when almost everyone who surrounds you sings every lyric along and then you think "oh my god, I think I'm having an out of body experience, am I alive or what is this?!?!?!".

I also went on a road trip with my family and I hope that we repeat that next summer, because I feel that when you live abroad, after a certain amount of time it's good to have a few days when you're together all of the time, in order to reconnect and just hang out together. The trajectory was Pärnu-Riga-Haapsalu and it was lovely.

So yeah. Other than that, I loved visiting new places in Tallinn, like the new and improved Balti jaama turg (an awesome market with cafes and cool design shops), Gelato Ladies cafe, the new Kakumäe jahisadam (a pretty little port), going to the theater a couple of times, seeing my high school classmates after 5 years of graduating together, and as I already said, spending time with the people I love. I have a feeling that the friendships created at uni will never fade :) 

Dress: Topshop

Sneakers: Converse

Sunglasses: H&M

Nails: H&M in Desert

Ring: Accessorize

Leo necklace

Bralette: Monki

Photography: Oliver Tomson

Something new

Something new

Café corner

Café corner