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Something new

Something new

Everything is exciting and new in September, isn't it?

The smell of yellow leaves falling on the ground and the thought that man, oh man, soon I can shuffle through them like a little kid again.

The feeling of a fresh start. 

For some, the feeling of getting to go to school again. And for some, the funny feeling that even though you have graduated from high school or from university a few years ago, you don't feel any different or any more adult than then. 

What I love about Autumn, is the possibility of finding an unopened chestnut from the middle of the street, putting it in my pocket and giving it to someone later on. Like a little talisman of good luck. I also love that you can start cozying up at home in the evenings and wear coats and layers and amazing boots and drink hot chocolate and fall asleep in someone's arms, because it's not as warm anymore as in the Summer.

So here I am, in Tartu, on an old staircase in Karlova and I feel excited about whatever the future may bring my way.

Photo 05-09-2017, 14 03 15.jpg
Photo 05-09-2017, 14 03 19.jpg
Photo 05-09-2017, 14 02 21.jpg
Photo 05-09-2017, 14 04 54.jpg
Photo 05-09-2017, 14 06 18.jpg
Photo 05-09-2017, 14 06 06.jpg

Jeans: Zara

Sweater: Stradivarius

Sneakers: Converse

Photography: Oliver Tomson

Living the adventure

Living the adventure

Pink on the beach

Pink on the beach