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Café date

Café date

It was a snowy Saturday morning in mid-January and the clock was about to hit 10. I was in my bed, still under covers, my hair a fluffy mess, waking up to a stubborn sunbeam in my right eye, which made it sparkle. I like my bed. Sometimes even too much, like, for example, on this morning. But I still managed to wake properly up, without even grabbing my phone to watch the second season of Friends on Netflix.

So I got ready like a lightning bolt and headed outside to meet my friend Elen in a small, cozy, cute, comfortable and warm café called Mandel. She's one of my first friends from uni and also the author of all these atmospheric photos in this post. You know, I've always really loved these classic friend dates, where you have coffee, talk life stuff and just chill. And this was just that, except that every once in a while we clumsily moved around some chairs to get a better shot.

Some places radiate this warmth that makes you feel like you want to stay there forever and I think Mandel is definitely at the top of that list. Honey-cardamom coffee, tea which looks like the blue lagoon and fairy lights around the window sill. I mean, yes please.


Regarding my outfit, I really love to mix and match with business and casual right now. I normally wear these trousers at work, but with a classic blouse, it can look kind of boring. So when I decided to put on a t-shirt with roses on my boobs and when I also took my Nikes from the shelf, phew, I felt a whole lot better! I'm thinking of getting a new pair of everyday trainers, but don't know what to get. Basically, the same sort of style as with these Nike Roshes, so if anyone has any good options, let me know!

Photography: Elen Torb

Bag: Zara

Necklace: Missoma

Nails: H&M


Coat: Mango

An awesome beret: Elen's granny's

Trousers: Zara

Top: Mango

A daydream

A daydream