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November lights

November lights

Yet again, the darkest time of the year has arrived to Estonia, so surrounding yourself with light and warmth is as important as ever. In front of Tartu’s train station, there are two beautifully decorated trees, which make me smile every time I pass them, because I’m a freak for Christmas.

Surviving the depressing weather is sometimes a bit tough - especially when you go to work in the dark and go home in the dark - but I feel that there are dozens of little things which can make it more tolerable. For me, the best solution has been to make my home as cozy as I can. So far, I’ve thrown some fairy lights on the window sill, some on the TV stand and I’ve started to burn candles again. Makes all the difference!

I also have a thing for jewelry, it’s a little bit like a comfort blanket. I have some items that I rarely take off and that’s the case with these two rings as well. The Roman numeral ring has a customized date on it, which means a lot to me, and the Shark tooth ring was a gift for myself, when we visited New York during the Summer.

The stunning photos are taken by Oliver!


Coat: Mango (it’s not in stores anymore, but there are a lot of similar styles currently)

Heels: Bruno Premi

Bag: Kate Spade

Brooch: Grandma’s

Fishnets: Zara

Roman numeral ring: oNecklace

Shark tooth ring: & Other Stories

Beautiful photography: Oliver Tomson

Tallinn Christmas market

Tallinn Christmas market

Scottish road trip

Scottish road trip