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Tallinn Christmas market

Tallinn Christmas market

My Christmas list


1. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - Now that is a film which will forever stay in the top of the favourites list, because it brings back so many nostalgic feels. I can't remember when was the first time that I saw it, but I think that I've seen it every year since I was old enough to read subtitles. I love New York with all of my heart and I think that I got my initial crush on the city precisely from that movie.

2. It's a Wonderful Life - We watched it two years ago from our hotel bed in London, after finishing off a delicious pile of room service food. We had never spent Christmas away from home and it seemed a bit daunting at first. However, our own little Christmas celebration is the one that I will surely remember for years to come, because it was something so different and special. We felt like we we're teenagers who were sneaking into the Ritz and who cheekily pretended to be adults. It was a home away for home, even if it only was for a couple of days.

3. Love Actually - When can you be cheesy if not during Christmas time, eh?


1. Sauerkraut - In my close family, me and my mom have always been the only ones who love sauerkraut and piss everyone off with making it, because the whole house smells of it for hours. Sorry, guys!

2. Tangerines - In Estonia, there's the tradition that for the whole month of December, little elves leave something good in your slippers when you're asleep. I was always SO excited for the morning to discover what's in it that day and sometimes the elves had left little tangerines, candy bars or some cool little toys.

3. Gingerbread - With tea!


1. Generally, our whole extended family gathers at my parents' place or my uncle's place during Christmas Eve. I love the preparations that start from the morning (thanks, mom, for always doing the hardest parts like cooking most of the food). Getting the house ready for all of us, setting the table, lighting the candles, putting all of the presents under the tree and creating the atmosphere.

2. In our family, the tradition has always been that when we wake up on the 24th, we gather around the tree in our pyjamas and open up the presents which we have got each other. After that, we eat breakfast together and just cosy up on the couch for a little sleepy chat.

3. Making new traditions. Since life constantly changes, I love creating new beautiful memories as well - like spending Christmas in London or decorating our own tree in Tartu.


Photography: Oliver Tomson

Last days of Winter

Last days of Winter

November lights

November lights