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So, what's new?

So, what's new?

It's been a while but guess who's back, back again!

These past few months I have not made enough of an effort to write or shoot for a post, but I've been gathering inspiration and I'm gladly typing again from this lovely little gem of a cafe called August. Summer has arrived to Estonia and I guess it's here to stay - I can't remember when it's ever been so warm and nice for such a long period of time. 

Some moons ago, we bought tickets to visit the city of my dreams, New York, in June. I have been planning the trip almost daily, checking out different brunch spots, spying on the best rooftops with insane views, marking down some cool boutiques, and *possibly* having my eye on a tattoo shop. Although I have a massive list of places to visit and stuff to experience, I think that eventually we're gonna skip many of them and just fully enjoy the places that we do get to go to. 

New York has been on my bucket list for years, but my first dream destination was Paris. I was so taken by the idea of this magical place, where everyone would be effortlessly quoting Proust, wearing red lipstick on a bare face and saying things like "meet me at the cinquième arrondissement for an espresso, chérie". So in high school, I decided to study French and when going on to get a bachelor's degree, I also decided to major in French Language and Literature. I worked at Disneyland Paris during one Summer and later went on to pursue an exchange semester in central Paris as well. To my surprise, my Parisian dream hasn't shattered even after living there, haha! Of course, reality isn't always so romantic, but to be honest, even if I had the most awful day, my thoughts were mostly "well, at least I'm in the damn City of Lights".

I had my favourite place where I always went whenever I felt sad. Might be super cliché for locals, but smelling old books at Shakespere and Company was my go-to remedy. One of my most vivid memories from that time was when I was sitting in a corner of the store on the second floor, reading a book and then suddenly a guy sits in front of the piano, which was in the same room, and starts playing the most beautiful sounds that you could ever imagine. Something, which reminded me the mysterious lullabies of Sufjan Stevens. Then a little cat jumped into my lap out of nowhere and I think that we sat there listening to this man play for at least an hour. When I think of the memory, I feel that this kind of serenity can't escape my gray matter even if I'm 90 and having trouble remembering my own name.

It would be a dream living in NY one day and I'm sure I'll find a way when the time is right. Currently, I'm focused on my career in Estonia and travelling to awesome places fills my soul immensely. I feel very lucky that my job also allows me to travel to new places quite frequently. I would be really grateful if I could get any extra recommendations for NY, though! Anything regarding secret spots, places to eat at, shopping - I'm all ears. We're going to have at least a week in NY and another week is going to be spent cruising around in surrounding cities.

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These are just some random snapshots from the past couple of months. The next post will hopefully already be written from NY!

A daydream

A daydream